I started something that I couldn’t finish.

And it’s not just this blog. I am adopting my friend and colleague, Sam Popowich’s, practice of regular writing as a form of thinking clearly through issues, which I hope will help me work toward synthesizing my ideas into research articles in the coming months. However, the very act of writing this post has takenContinue reading “I started something that I couldn’t finish.”

3D and interactive software and platforms

Touch Designer – visual programming language and visual development platform for real-time interactive multimedia content like graphics, creative code and installations IntuiFace – software for creating interactive digital experiences without programming GameMaker – game creation system for cross-platform 2D and 3D games Omeka – free, open source web-publishing platform popular in libraries, museums, archives, specialContinue reading “3D and interactive software and platforms”

Creative coding/trippy WebGL experiments.

It all started with the Polygon Shredder. Then I discovered a whole community of creative people working with code and artistic expression on the web. I’m viewing this work from the lens of potential digital exhibits for a large touch screen, but they are obviously also incredible demonstrations of interactive technologies and creative coding. OpenContinue reading “Creative coding/trippy WebGL experiments.”