Creative coding/trippy WebGL experiments.

It all started with the Polygon Shredder. Then I discovered a whole community of creative people working with code and artistic expression on the web. I’m viewing this work from the lens of potential digital exhibits for a large touch screen, but they are obviously also incredible demonstrations of interactive technologies and creative coding.

  • Open Processing community: Spark Spray by Gregogy Bush is particularly fun.
  • Jaume Sanchez Elias, working out of Barcelona. Here is paint splatter simulator using Three.js
  • Cabbibo, working out of Oakland, California.
  • Blocky Earth – here is Edmonton’s topography represented in 3D cubes. You can see the river valley accurately reflected.
  • WebGL experiments: Reza Ali
  • WebGL experiments: Felix Woitzel’s Cellular Sparkle

Also enjoyable are: